Say It With Flower's


Yummy Bear
Round straw basket, containing: two hugging & kissing teddy bears, a red candle, a box of delicious chocolates, waffles and chocolate cookies. This present says: "I love you".

Price - 82$

Gold Basket
Round straw basket, containing a selection of extra-fine gourmet chocolates, for the real chocolate lovers!

Price - 89$

Round picnic basket, filled with lots of fine chocolate boxes, chocolate cookies and a loveable white and red "I Love You" Teddy which sings and flashes.

Price - 115$

Golden Light
Elegant straw box, containing: a bottle of "Tishbi" red wine, a set of silver colored cup and candlesticks with an assortment of top quality chocolates

Price - 120$

Red Lovers
Round straw picnic basket, filled with: several boxes of gourmet chocolates, chocolate cookies, a bottle of red "Tishbi" wine and a large scented red candle.

Price - 125$

Blue Gourmet
Exclusive large picnic basket, containing: a large variety of gourmet Baci chocolates, chocolate cookies, crackers, an assortment of delicious cheeses and a bottle of Tishbi" red wine.

Price - 139$

Rainbow Fruits
Large round picnic basket filled with a extensive selection of Israeli fruits of the season.

Price - 59$

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