Say It With Flower's


Spinning roses
One of our bestsellers. A modern arrangement made in clusters of various roses, greenery and special elements.
Vase included.

Price - 72$

Summer dream
A bright and vivid orange design combining Roses, Gerberas and nice greenery.

Price - 49$

White orange
A round country style arrangement. The contrast between the orange mini Gerberas and the white Lisianthus blossoms gives a very fresh feeling .
vase included.

Price - 37$

Far east
A minimalistic clean design, featuring pink Anthurium, Roses and some natural elements. Vase included.

Price - 69$

Celebration for two
A great way to celebrate- An impressive composition of huge pale pink Oriental Lilies and two quality bottles of kosher dry red wine.
Ceramic vase included.

Price - 69$

Paris romance

Price - 49$

Pink cocktail
Vase included.

Price - 45$

Holiday spirit

Price - 42$

Flower & wine
Box included.

Price - 85$

Mad about you

Price - 89$

Vase included.

Price - 54$

Vase included.

Price - 78$

Magical moment
Vase included.

Price - 69$

Black & white
Mozart chocolates and ceramic vase included.

Price - 99$

Pink panther
Basket included.

Price - 53$

Vase included.

Price - 69$

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