Say It With Flower's

How To Order
Easy to do!
1. Select your flowers from our Flowers Selection. Click on each category to review the selection.
2. Click on "Order" for the selected flowers.
3. Fill in the order form. Please make sure to fill in all the details and verify their correctness.
4. Click on "send".

We will make sure to deliver your order as requested.

We will send you a confirmation on receiving your order by e-mail .

Please note, your order may differ from presentation, pending on seasonal or stock availability. We guarantee to keep the spirit and value of the selected product.
We make deliveries anywhere in Israel.

Due to time zone differences and Holidays pressure, it is best to place the order 2-3 days prior to the delivery date, though even if you remembered at the last minute, we will still do our best to have your order on time.

The delivery price is at cost and we make no profit on this service.
The delivery price will be added to the price of the order.